Hopi Agricultural & Food Symposium

Since, 2004, the Natwani Coalition has held a biennial community gathering to address modern impacts to our traditional agricultural and food systems. This is a time to continue sharing cultural knowledge, discuss health, and educate our community. 

The purpose of Hopi Agriculture & Food Symposium is to continue to raise local awareness of the importance of Hopi farming practices and natural resources through dialogue and informative presentations. The symposium is an initiative of the Natwani Coalition’s strategic plan and remains an important event that provides a space for dialogue, learning, and involvement for the community, on Hopi food and farming. 

Symposium Highlights 

Hands on Activities

"Hopi Field Planting & Orchard Pruning"

Site Field Trips

"Trip to Local Corn Field"

Breakout Sessions

"Presentation on Hopi Corn"

Food Demos 

"Sweet Corn Pit Roasting "

Food Tasting 

"Hopi Somiviki"

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