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The Hopi Foundation exemplifies the Hopi teaching of "Itam naapyani" or doing the work ourselves. Established by local Hopis, we promote self sufficiency, proactive community participation in our own destiny, self reliance and local self determination.​



According to The Hopi Traditional Values and Visions of A Hopi by Qoyahongniwa of Songoopavi Village, one who fulfills the meaning of Hita’nangwa is “a person who takes initiative to give aid without having to be instructed, asked, or reminded regardless if anyone will notice their effort, and because it will make a difference.”

If you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities at The Hopi Foundation please contact us.

Office: (928) 734-2380

  • Hopi Health Care Center

  • Hopi Department of Health Services

  • Hopi Special Diabetes Program

  • Hopi Department of Natural Resources

  • Hopi Cultural Preservation Office

  • University of Arizona Co-operative Extension

  • The Christensen Fund

  • Hopi Schools

  • Individual Volunteers



Your local nonprofit community depends on donors like you to support their work. Nonprofits must fundraise year-round to meet their operating needs and to help continue the essential services they provide to the community. Arizona Gives Day is a special day to give to area non-profits including the Hopi Foundation.​


Make a donation online! 

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Or send your gift to:


The Hopi Foundation/ Natwani Coalition

P.O. Box 301

Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039




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