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2019 Hopi Farmers Market

The Natwani Coalition is a proud partner of the Hopi Farmers Market. Our partners include: 

  • University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Hopi Tribe

  • Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute

  • Yuh'weh'loo Pahki Community

  • Village of Tewa

  • Hopi Wellness Center

  • Hopi Food Co-op


In partnership with local groups and organizations, the Natwani Coalition has proudly helped sponsor the seasonal market since 2014. The market emphasize local foods, encourage traditional methods of bartering and food sharing, and promoting community wellness.


1. To provide educational opportunities with “hands-on” teaching for intergenerational learning on topics such as gardening, food demonstrations, and more.

2. Connecting the famers to consumers by creating a space to sell or trade their produce.

3. Promoting health and wellness by hosting a run, along with information such as, learning where your food comes, how to establish gardens, learning about the stages of produce (eggs, honey, and garden vegetables).


To provide a FREE event for the Hopi community to learn ways to strengthen our own local food system, to support locally grown food by connecting farmers to consumers, and to provide a space for homemade goods and local produce to be sold or traded.

Market Schedule

2020 Farmers Market Schedule Coming Soon!

Potential Vendors

Would you like to be a vendor? Download the Guidelines & Registration form here!



If you are willing to barter/trade please hang the logo above in plain view. This indicates for everyone that you are open and will to barter/trade with. Barter/Trade logo will be available at the event table or from the Market Manager the day of the event.



Bring items such as, seeds, dry/preserved foods (dry corn, beans, jelly, etc), homemade goods/crafts, planting farming/garden tools (new/used), and such to barter with vendors or each other.



If you are within a 100 mile radius of Kykotsmovi, AZ, we welcome you to bring your locally grown items, produce, or dry/preserved goods. (vendor space is unlimited for farmer/gardener related booths).


Please fill out a booth registration and return the Friday (week) before each event.


This includes (5) food vendors and (5) craft vendors (1st come basis).



Come by for your needed farming/garden supply, materials and/or produce/goods that you can purchase. There will also be an assortment of locally made goods, food, and crafts!

CASH ONLY.  Please be courteous to our vendors and bring small bills for your purchases.

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