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The Natwani Coalition (Natwanit Tu’sawyungqam) serves the Hopi and Tewa people by reaffirming and preserving traditional farming practices that create a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Natwani Coalition

Natwani literally means “produce” or “vegetables,” but more significantly, it refers to the processes and rituals necessary for the rejuvenation of all life. It is the intact web of obligation and activity involved in the planting, harvesting, processing, hunting and gathering of food. It is physical and spiritual sustenance.


The overall health and well-being of the Hopi people cannot be addressed without an improvement in diet and commensurate restoration of their local food system. In order to meet our objectives, the Natwani Coalition has leveraged varying levels of engagement from volunteers, collaborators and institutions on and off the Hopi reservation. Our strategy is to launch mutually reinforcing projects that over time will collectively restore the local food system.


Our goal is to support methods of agriculture, food distribution, and food consumption that are healthy for Hopi individuals and their communities. Click on the link above to learn what the Natwani Coalition does in the Hopi community.

The Natwani Coalition has built a network of partnerships that share the same vision in revitalizing and preserving traditional methods in Hopi agriculture and the Hopi food system.

Formed in January 2004, The Natwani Coalition represents an affiliation of Hopi organizations and individuals dedicated to preserving Hopi farming traditions, strengthening the local Hopi food system and developing innovative sustainable strategies to promote wellness.

The Hopi Natwani for Youth Project is curriculum that will serve as a tool for educators to teach our Hopi youth. In hopes to be utilized with the expectation that it will bring back their roles in Hopi farming. 
Each month posted will have the following components developed for the specific cultural and farming activities, which support Hopi Natwani. 
The monthly meaning posts are conversation starters to encourage talking about Hopi farming practices with family members and friends. Also as an effort to bridge the intergenerational gap of knowledge between the youth and elder. 


Our Current Projects

Hopi Natwani for Youth Farming Curriculum

This project is undergoing review and edits of the Hopi Natwani for Youth curriculum Volume I and editing for Volume II is underway by our development team. Simultaneously, the HNYP curriculum is being reviewed for intellectual property protection. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a user of the curriculum for your school, program, or village. We will take your name and be in communication of the next user orientation. (Please note, this curriculum is offered to Hopi community members only.)

Hopi Farm Talk

We host an hour long talk show on our local Hopi radio station, KUYI 88.1 FM. All topics covered relate to the issues, both cultural and modern, that affect our way of life as Hopi farmers and food preparers.  With this show, we encourage traditional knowledge sharing and conversation. Topics and schedules are currently being worked on. If you have a suggestion on a featured show topic please contact us, we welcome your ideas.

Hopi Heirloom Seed Initiative: Preservation & Protection

Hopi women are the primary caretakers of the seeds. It is with respect to the givers of life that we owe our existence.  We have carried the sacredness of these seeds for centuries within our ceremonies and our way of life. With the threat of seed research and genetic modifying, we hope to educate and address our community that we need to be more aware and vigilant in the protection of seeds. We intend to host a couple of small talking circles with community members around the topic of seeds and gather their knowledge and voice around the protection and preservation of our heirloom seeds. We would also like guidance on future work we at Natwani Coalition can embark on with their feedback.

Hopi Farmer's Markets

The Natwani Coalition, in partnership with the Hopi Food Co-Op, a local grassroots organization, and the Hopi Special Diabetes Program. Partner together to organize seasonal Hopi farmers markets for the local community. Supporting the philosophy of self-sustainability, we encourage the practice of eating locally grown foods, from wild foods to traditional crops produced by our Hopi farmers.  In the past 100 years or so, Hopi has seen a drastic change to diet and health related issues due to food system changes, the Hopi diet now includes less locally grown food. The goal of the farmer's markets is to bring education and awareness in health, diet, and cultural teachings related to food. To learn more about our Hopi Farmer's Markets, click here.

We would enjoy seeing you if you are able to participate in any of our upcoming events!  We are proud of the projects we have going currently, and we are also proud to have community members such as yourself by our side. 

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