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Hopi Farm Talk

Hopi Farm Talk began as a partnership between KUYI Hopi Radio and The Natwani Coalition last airing in 2015. Relaunched in March of 2022, Hopi Farm Talk is available on most of your favorite Podcast platforms and aims to bring listeners unique perspectives into Hopi agriculture

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Hopi Farm Talk Podcast

Previous Releases of HFTP

Hopi Neeveni (Wild Edible Plants) & Hopi Springs
Guests: Max Taylor & Leonard Talaswaima
Host: Kyle Nutumya

May 17, 2022
Conversation with Mr. Taylor and Mr. Talaswaima on Hopi Neeveni and how the change of climate has affected the growth. Identifying many Hopi plants and where and when they grow. As well as the importance and preservation work surrounding Hopi Springs.
Andy Lewis & the beginning of Natwani Coalition 
Guest: Andy Lewis
Host: Kyle Nutumya

March 29, 2022 
4-H Program 
Guest: Susan Sekaquaptewa
Host: Kyle Nutumya 

March 21, 2022
Conversation with Mr. Lewis about his involvement with The Hopi Foundation and the creation of the Natwani Coalition. Mr, Lewis speaks about his time spent with the Hopi and Tewa communities and discusses the findings from the 2004-2005 Hopi Food Assessment. 
Conversations about the 4-H Program on Hopi and the involvement of volunteers to lead some great projects from robotics to poultry. Mrs. Sekaquaptewa shares other initiatives she is involved with on the Hopi reservation.
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