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The Coalition is instrumental in initiating & supporting projects toward healthy food access,

seed protection, and the overall food sovereignty of the

Hopi & People

Current Projects

Being an agricultural community for a thousand years, Hopi developed a rich diversity of seeds.

 We strive to educate our community on all

levels of heirloom seed protection so that we

may continue our agricultural practices 

for future generations

Hopi Heirloom
Seed Initiative
Heirloom Seed Initiative
Hopi Farm Talk Logo.jpg
Hopi Farm Talk

The Natwani Coalition is announcing the return of Hopi Farm Talk! Now available for streaming, Hopi Farm Talk Podcast is a forum created to share & listen to commentary from Hopi farmers along with an array of  guests.

Hopi Farm Talk Logo.jpg
Farm Talk Radio Show
Agricultural & Food Symposium
Hopi Agricultural &
Food Symposium

Since 2004, The Natwani Coalition has held a biennial community gathering to address modern impacts to our traditional agricultural and food systems. 

It is a time to continue sharing cultural knowledge , discuss health, and educate our community.

Historical Agricultural Photo Exhibit
Historical Agricultural 
Photo Exhibit

 A glimpse into the past where agriculture was the

primary activity for Hopi survival. These photos are a presentation of  historical Hopi farming and

food gathering practices between 1885-1970.

We look back so we may know we are on the right path. 

Hopi Natwani for Youth Project
Hopi Natwani
Youth Project

Emerged from the voices of Hopi youth and elders,

HNYP has developed a curriculum to ignite

conversations and experiences that may lead to

the practice of farming from a Hopi context in our youth.

Grant Program

Made available through the

Native American Agricultural Fund

The Community Grant Program looks to strengthen & support local agriculture, food consumption & distribution by funding projects from the community

that align with the initiatives of the Natwani Coalition.

Community Grant Program

Conducted in 2005, the Hopi Community Food Assessment portrayed the state of Hopi food and farming.

Hopi has sufficient cause to restore the local food and farming practices that have sustained it for so long.

We utilize this data collected to help educate the local community and inspire positive change.

Hopi Food
Community Assessment 
Hopi Food Community Assessment
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