2019 Local Food Producers, Farmers, Growers, & Ranchers Community grant Program grantees

Cycle I

“Home Field Preparation, project will be to start a field of his own at his house for his family”

Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Project Title: Home Field Project

Xavier Sakeva

“Masayesva Sustainable Demonstration Site, expand orchard, terraces and gardens using a rain water collection system”

Hotevilla, Arizona

Project Title: Masayesva Sustainable Demonstration Site

Marshall Masayesva

"Vermicomposting and seed starting for Bacavi, exploration & promotion of vermicomposting, early seed starting and cleaning of terranced gardens."

Bacavi, Arizona

Project Title: Vermicomposting and Seed Starting for Bacavi.

Village of Bacavi

Cycle II

“Preparing fields in the spring for planting, using funds to purchase disc blades for personal tractor”

Family field near HJSHS, Arizona

Project Title: Hopi Disc Project

Stewart Dukepoo

“Creating garden beds and traditional bread ovens for 5 Kykotsmovi Village families”

Kykotsmovi Village, Arizona

Project Title: Kykotsmovi Garden Beds and Earthen Ovens

Gavin Pavinyama

"Build a shed to store dry goods and garden tools"

Yuwehloo Pahkii, Arizona

Project Title: Store and Dry Goods Housing

Jennie Talahongva

“Rear wheel seal and oil change for tractor used to farm multiple family fields”

First Mesa, Arizona

Project Title: Tractor Repair

Garlynn Navakuku

“Purchase of fencing, namely livestock panels, to be used to implement sustainable equine management and to promote positive land management”

Polacca, Arizona

Project Title: Spike's Dream

LaVaun Dyer

"Implement rain water catching system where land erosion is occurring and develop a terrace planting area"

Muchovi Area, Arizona

Project Title: Muchovi Terrace Gardens & Water Harvesting Project

Carliss R. Sinquah

"Working on mom's field and starting small garden of own"

Shungopavi Family Field

Project Title: Field Project 2019

Tristan Kagenveama

"Prepare field for upcoming planting season, maintaining field throughout growing season and harvest time"

Hotevilla, Arizona

Project Title: Field Project

Brett Chimerica Sr.

"Renovate, repair and expand hen house"

Bacavi Village, Arizona

Project Title: Kowako Ki

Marlene Sekaquaptewa

"Home garden project"

Second Mesa, Arizona

Project Title: Honanie Family Garden

Matthew Honanie

"Build a chicken coop to raise chickens so that they can produce eggs to be eaten"

Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Project Title: Chicken Coop

Navasta Dennis

"Replace of farming equipment due to fire loss to enable to continuation of farming in family/clean fields"

Lower Moencopi Village, Arizona

Project Title: Replacement of Farming Equipment & Tools Due to Fire Loss

Merle Ted Poleyestewa

"Reroof piki house, completion of Hopi bread oven, and completion of Hopi pikaamii oven"

Mishongnovi, Arizona

Project Title: Koruh Project

Fredrick Koruh Sr.

"Increase family garden production through improvement of water accessibility using water catchment from the house, store tanks & drip irrigation systems"

Blue Canyon Range Unit

Project Title: Methods to improve sustainable farming using drip irrigation in rural off the grid area

Max Taylor

"Build a piiki house in preparation for a Hopi wedding"

Polacca, Arizona

Project Title: Piiki House

Elva Lalo

"Construction of piki house to keep the Hopi women's tradition alive by passing the skill to other girls or women"

Lower Moencopi Village, Arizona

Project Title: Tomsoki - Piiki House

Jeannette Honanie

"Prepare field for planting, drain flooded areas, clean and maintain the irrigation ditch that supplies water at the Munqapi Reservoir from the Saalako Springs"

Upper Pasture Canyon

Project Title: Pasture Canyon Field Project

Arvis Myron

"Plan to assist in the care, maintenance, & growing of new and old crops of trees on the Hopi/Tewa lands, goal is to bring back trees/orchards to Hopi/Tewa lands"

Hotevilla, Arizona

Project Title: Tree/Orchard Restoration

Alex Quiyo

"Improvement on corral to provide a safer place for horses, cattle, ranchers, and rangers"

HPL Range Unit 559

Project Title: Ranch - Corral Improvement

Art Honani

"Rebuild old sheep corral and raise sheep"

Yuwehloo Pahkii, Arizona

Project Title: Sheep

Aqualisa Sinquah

"Expand current garden, build small greenhouse and add a tank to hold captured water"

Second Mesa, Arizona

Project Title: Growing More

Susan Sekaquaptewa

"Restore the bridge over the irrigation ditch to access the 13 quolo's (plots)"

Moencopi Village, Arizona

Project Title: Irrigation Crossing Restoration

Alfonso Gashwazra

"To enhance dry farming land improvement in the Lower Sipalovi farming area by building a cultivator to use with personal tractor"

Sipaulovi Farming Area

Project Title: Dry Farming Improvement

Jamie Kootswatewa

"Create a family garden to grow healthy food and build a hoist system to butcher big game from hunting"

Sipaulovi Housing, Arizona

Project Title: Family Garden

Christopher Yaiva

"Create a piiki house of own, the more piki that can produced by out Hopi women will eliminate the store-bought items including unhealthy pastries"

Hotevilla, Arizona

Project Title: Piiki House Project 2019

Erica Tewa

"Flood damage repair of family/clan fields and irrigation ditch line used for water delivery to fields"

Moenkopi Wash Bridge Area

Project Title: Flood Damage Repair

Leonard Selestewa

"Rebuild the currently existing corral which has been damaged over the years of use, to supply & produce organic grassfed quality beef & cattle"

HPL Shonto Range Unit

Project Title: Rebuild Corral

Kevin Dennis

"To plant for my sisters so they have corn and to provide for my family and ceremonial purposes"

Fields in Munqapi, Arizona

Project Title: Planting Season

Hunter Kie

"Finish project from 2010, add roof to piki house and rebuild bread oven"

Low Mountain Junction

Project Title: Piiki House & Bread Oven

Yolanda Bydonie

Cycle III

"Installing rainwater catchment system to provide a water source for lasagna beds, trees and other plants"

Shungopavi, Arizona

Project Title: Piiki House & Bread Oven

Ian Masayesva

"Purchasing equipment for better management of the Ngumnki"

Hotevilla, Arizona

Project Title: Hotevilla Ngumnki

Norma S. Martin

"Extend the growing season into the cool weather months and harvest Hopi dry farming corn crop"

Walpi Housing

Project Title: The Fall Forward Project

Scott Means

"Construct a Hoop House to expand the growing season and harvesting time"

Polacca, Arizona 

Project Title: Hoop House Garden/Chicken Coop

Pam Lalo

"To grow different varieties of plants and to make the seeds available for those in need"

Lower Munqapi/North Oraibi

Project Title: Big Planting

Troy Honanie 

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