"Working towards preserving and strengthening the healthy food system and agricultural traditions of the

Hopi & Tewa people"

The Natwani Coalition

Forming in January of 2004 as a project under The Hopi Foundation, the

Natwani Coalition (Natwanit Tusawyungqam) located in Northern Arizona represents an affiliation of Hopi organizations and individuals dedicated to preserving Hopi farming traditions, strengthening the local Hopi food system and developing innovative sustainable strategies to promote wellness.

A Non-Profit Organization, the Natwani Coalition ensures our initiatives work to expand community understanding and respect for the emergence, preservation and renewal of life within the continuity of farming.  


The overall health and well-being of the Hopi people cannot be addressed without an improvement in diet and restoration of our local food system. The Natwani Coalition has leveraged varying levels of engagement from community volunteers, collaborators and institutions within our community and off the reservation. Our strategy is to launch mutually reinforcing projects that over time will collectively restore our local food system.

Our Belief

We do this through hosting and facilitating community discussions, sustaining a food and agriculture endowment that will support grants to the community for local food and farming initiatives, and serving as a community liaison to leverage and expand educational programming and initiatives toward healthy food access, seed protection, and the overall sovereignty of the Hopi people.

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How We Do Our Work

Our Team


Hopi Foundation

- Executive Director

Monica Nuvamsa


(Water Cloud Clan)

Shungopavi Village



Monica, Hopi, is a member of the Water Cloud Clan from the Village of Songoopavi. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and American Indian Studies from the University of Arizona in 1997 and a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from the Arizona State University Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation in 2012. Monica currently serves as the Executive Director of The Hopi Foundation, whose work is to promote local philanthropy and community development. Her experience includes local community grant making, nonprofit and community capacity building, community leadership development, and community organizing. Monica’s early career experiences include developing and managing the Hopi Tribe’s Domestic Violence Program. She served both as an Advocate and Project Coordinator until she was appointed to serve in the role of the Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison for the Hopi Tribe to both state and federal governments. After serving nearly six years in the tribal government, her career moved toward higher education at The University of Arizona and tribal public policy training at The Morris K. Udall Foundation for Excellence in Environmental Studies and Public Policy. Monica has served on several nonprofit boards including Native Americans in Philanthropy, Native Public Media and the Arizona Grantmakers Forum.


Natwani Coalition

- Program Manager

Kyle Nutumya


(Sand Clan)

Hotevilla Village



Kyle (Kuwanhongva) is a member of the Sand Clan from the Village of Hotevilla. After graduating from Tuba City High School in 2013, he became a student at Coconino Community College to study Sustainable Green Building. Prior to becoming a member of The Hopi Foundation, Kyle served as an intern, later earning the position as a Building Apprentice, at the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute (HTPI). During his time with HTPI, Kyle assisted with the supervision and completion of three Passive Solar Homes for local community families in addition to actively engaging with local community members. Kyle looks to fulfill his passion and dream of enhancing and sustaining Hopi life by working under the Natwani Coalition. Kyle enjoys working outdoors, practicing traditional natural stone masonry, and cross country running.


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